Episode 01: Charlie Rolls

"Old school" style tuned up with new wave moves. One of the most promising riders, who despite his young age inspires a lot of riders all around the world.

Next project: Vasha

"Czech boy with a two wheel toy"

More than 20 years experience, unique mixed style of BIU, UCI and Street technics.

More info soon

Full film coming in June

Warmup and all of the sections from the final, with Alejandro, Benito and Charlie. 

Czech C1 competition

About my project

I'm Tamas Misik, I've been riding bike trial for 14 years, and I have just started to work on a documentary film series about bike trial. I'm going to make new episodes from month-to-month about the best riders and biggest competitions. Each episode will be around 1,5 hour long in 4k quality, including interviews and of course a lot of riding scenes. 

I think there is a lot of great stories in our sport, and many talented riders who deserve more attention. I also believe these episodes will inspire and motivate many riders, especially the younger ones, who are the key of the future in our sport. 

I'll try to concentrate on all aspects of trial, not only the UCI, but the Street, BIU, TGS as well. I'll work together with young rockstars and old legends too.  

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Thanks if you consider to support my project. If you buy and watch my films I'm one step closer to create more episodes about other riders and our sport. 

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“So good! We needed this type of content in trials”

Sergi Llongueras

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